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Ice Melt - Rock Salt Alternative

Ice Melt is a non-toxic, crystalline, ice melting agent, which is highly effective down to -50°C. The product can be applied directly to snow, ice and black ice and is 10 times more effective than traditional salt, due to its ability to generate heat when it comes into contact with water.

Application of a small amount of Ice Melt will melt thick ice, with no damaging effects on concrete, metals or vegetation. Apply to stairs, walkways, loading platforms, refrigerated storage, shop entrances and car parks etc, to prevent slips and falls and keep them ice free for several days. Unlike traditional rock salt, ice melt contains no abrasive material that will damage internal flooring.

Pallet of 40 x 14L Buckets

£ 1,278.00 + VAT

(3 x Handheld Spreaders included FOC)

Offer valid until 31st December 2023 or while stocks last

Contact us to take advantage of this offer:


Phone: 05603 859833


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