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Big powerful performance for heavily soiled areas. 

The SD8 can be used with or without detergent. Can be used for detail cleaning, or ideal for small areas of chewing gum removal like shopping centres, school, colleges and local authority concerns and transport. With its 8 bar steam pressure and detergent delivery feature it can be used on many small to medium soiled areas requiring cleaning utilising steam and detergent, or for gum removal.

The SD8 is also available in a 110 volt version. Power cable varies on technical data to 4 metres in length.


  • Stainless steel construction
  • Continuous fill boiler (allowing refill at any time during operation)
  • Steam regulator to adjust the power of the steam
  • Detergent delivery system
  • Non-marking castors


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Matrix SD8 Gum Removal Steam Cleaner

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