Foam Dispenser Refill



Bottle Volume: 750ml
Case Qty: 6

Medi9 alcohol and chlorine free Hand Sanitising Foam provides rapid, long-lasting disinfection and biological cleanliness to all hard working hands and is also kind on the skin. The high performance formulation coats the skin with a monomolecular layer that continues to provide protection long after the initial application. Regular use ensures sustained broad spectrum pathogen protection.

• RTU (Ready To Use)
• Apply, rub and go – no need to rinse off
• Provides residual protection
• Use for prevention and for cure
• Fragrance free
• Safe for use in food preparation areas
• Non-hazardous – safe for use in the vicinity of vulnerable people and children
• Alcohol, Chlorine and Triclosan free
• Safe to use in challenging environments and on sensitive equipment
• REACH and COSHH exempt
• Can be used as a surgical scrub